Company Profile

In June 1986 prefabrication in Victoria was but a fledging industry. At this time Wayne Hayes & his partner were working for an established truss company when Wayne suffered a serious back injury. He was given an office position within the company supervising 20 carpenters, his partner the role of manager. They were offered machinery from a truss company that had gone under when they made an honest admission to their employees that they intended to start up their own business. They ended up with a pile of truss machinery, no factory and no jobs.

Over the next six months with the help of Pryda they set up a little factory opposite Pryda, with no income, they concentrated on building up their clientele. After six months they hired their first two employees. Their method of servicing builders had one significant difference; they offered a pre cut and erect on site wall framing service. One of the first of its kind in Victoria. With it being more cost effective to the owner builder and more accurate, Trussfab is known for this service today.

Over the years Trussfab continued to build its reputation as a “quality product & service” and today operates from a 20,000.00 square feet premises. After setting up another truss company in Mornington to take some of the production load & selling Wayne now solely owns Trussfab in Dandenong. Which has just had installed extra jigs, computerised saw and floor truss jig to minimise production lead times. Now with 18 employees in the factory and seven in the office, most its clientele being regular clients, whom sometimes just pop in for a coffee & a chat. Trussfab now employees three crews of qualified carpenters, whom work full time installing the ‘complete frame package” for both owner builders and builders.

As for future plans, Wayne wishes to keep expanding the products and services he offers his clients and maximise output from his Dandenong factory, whilst continuing to provide work experience & training to children of the south eastern suburbs.